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"Believe In Yourself"



Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself, Trisha Rao

“Believe in Yourself” introduces readers to Sunshine the pup and to Papa Dog, who travel through the jungles of the world learning life lessons from their animal friends. These lessons include the importance of believing in yourself, never giving up hope, standing up for yourself and your friends, loving yourself deeply, attempting to overcome challenges, creating your own opportunities, working hard to make your wishes come true, being grateful to God and kind to others, and staying united with friends and loved ones.

The story ends with Papa Dog offering unconditional love to Sunshine, letting him know that in spite of his best effort if he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, Papa Dog will always be there to love and support him.

Trisha launched “Believe in Yourself” in Turkey amidst young Syrian refugees who’d lost their homes, homelands, and families to share her message of hope. The children loved the book so much that it is now being translated into their native language. What’s more, for every book Trisha sells in 2016, she has pledged to donate one copy to refugee children around the world with the admirable goal of reaching every single child on the planet.


“Trisha and her lovely book touched not only children’ hearts at our Centre but also adults like us. She reminded us not to lose our hope for the future, stay strong when we face difficulties and to not forget the importance of our family and friends in our lives. With her book, Trisha takes children on a journey where they find hope, motivation, and inspiration.”

"Believe in Yourself bursts with color -- the color of a young child's paintings, but also the color of life, the color of hope, the color of freedom.  And in a world increasingly defined by black and white distinctions, by borders that supposedly divide "us" and "them," goodness knows we need more color. 

“Do not rush through this gentle book. Stop wherever you want to admire the mental vistas that the words and pictures conjure up, before moving on. I hope the children who read it will find within its pages the joy, friendship and courage that Trisha offers to help them along life’s journey.”

Erdinç Kalıntaş
Program Officer, Support To Life, Istanbul, Turkey 

Jonathan Gil Harris, Author of 'The First Firangis, Hyderabad, India

Rosemarie Somaiah, Storyteller and Partner, Asian Storytelling Network, Singapore



Trisha Rao

Trisha Rao is nine years old and is from San Diego, CA. She is in the fourth grade and loves to express herself through art and poetry. She has been painting since she was two. Through “Believe in Yourself,” she shares her message of hope and belief in oneself with children around the world.


In the summer of 2015, eight-year-old Trisha Rao composed a poem titled “Believe in Yourself” that surprised readers with its depth of meaning and maturity.


Shortly after that, touched by the plight of war- and terror-stricken Syrian refugees, Trisha, began turning her poem into a beautifully illustrated children’s book encouraging children around the world to believe in themselves.



Trisha1 (1)
book reading at the Bridgeport Catholic Academy School in Chicago
Book_Reading_Painted Rock Elementary School in Poway  San Diego.


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Sumana Rao 

Tel: 858-774-8777 | 858-487-0456


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